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— The GMPLS assumption that all available labels are equal is reasonable in electronic networks but not always true in WDM optical networks where labels correspond to physical wavelengths. In this paper we present two schemes for collecting the preference for specific labels during GMPLS signaling. For this purpose a new use of the Suggested Label object is(More)
In this paper, two approaches for Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation in GPON networks are proposed, and validated through simulations in the OPNET modeler. One approach address a Status Reporting scheme, where the bandwidth allocation originates from the client request. The second use a centralized Non Status Reporting scheme. Furthermore, parameters to cope with(More)
The increasing amount of traffic in the Internet has been accommodated by the exponential growth of bandwidth provided by the optical networks technologies. However, such a growth has been also accompanied by an increase in the energy consumption and the concomitant green house gases (GHG) emissions. Despite the efforts for improving energy efficiency in(More)
This paper describes recent research activities and results in the area of photonic switching carried out within the Virtual Department on Switching (VDS) of the European e-Photon/ ONe Network of Excellence. Contributions from outstanding European research groups in this field are collected to offer a platform for future research in optical switching. The(More)
In this paper we propose a scheme for reducing the energy consumption of optical links by means of adaptive forward error correction (FEC). The scheme worksby performing on the fly adjustments to the code rate of the FEC, adding extra parity bits to the data stream whenever extra capacity is available. We show that this additional parity information(More)
The vision of the Fifth generation (5G) of mobile communication is that it will be an umbrella for communications for various vertical industries that have different requirements for delay, data rates, reliability, availability, and security. 5G will not be a single technology - rather a convergence of not just new revolutionary technologies, but of the(More)