Sarah Regina Pereira Camelo

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Studies have been demonstrating that Vismia guianensis (Aubl.) Choisy, popularly known as seal, a species native to South America has high anticancer and antimicrobial potential. The objective of this study was to evaluate the antimicrobial activity of the ethanolic extract obtained from the leaves of V. guianensis, and trace its chemical profile. The(More)
Vismia guianensis (Aubl.) Choisy is a tree that belongs to the secondary vegetation in rainforests. This study aimed to perform anatomy analysis by light microscopy; scanning and microchemistry of the leaves of V. guianensis. Tri stratified upper epidermis with intense cutinization and unistratified inferior epidermis was observed. The stomata found are(More)
Vismia guianensis is a plant species of high occurrence in the Amazon and northeastern Brazil, which has been studied lately, because of its antimicrobial and anticancer properties. In order to make an herbal medicine, National Agency for Sanitary Surveillance of Brazil, recommends the production of a drug and plant extracts analysis report indicating:(More)
This article proposes solid-like systems from sunflower oil structured with a fibrillar network built by the assembly of 12-hydroxystearic acid (12-HSA), a gelator molecule for an oil phase. The resulting organogels were studied as oral controlled release formulations for a lipophilic drug, Efavirenz (EFV), dissolved in the oil. The effects of the gelator(More)
Symphonia globulifera L.f. (Anani) is an arboreal species, which occurs in the Amazon with antimalarial and antimicrobial properties, especially in the treatment of skin inflammations. It is also used as a general tonic and laxative for pregnant women and its sap/latex is used against rheumatism and tumors. The utilization of natural products from plant(More)
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