Sarah Ramsay

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This article documents the turning points in the rape issue, which led to the acknowledgement of its prevalence in the world, especially in South Africa. November 25 marked the first day of the "Take a Stand" movement in South Africa, which coincided with the International Day Against Violence Against Women. This movement involves peaceful protests and(More)
Broad-based collaborations are becoming increasingly common among disease researchers. For example, the Global HIV Enterprise has united cross-disciplinary consortia to speed progress towards HIV vaccines through coordinated research across the boundaries of institutions, continents and specialties. New, end-to-end software tools for data and specimen(More)
OBJECTIVES Distinguishing clinical characteristics of bipolar patients who have made a suicide attempt may help to identify at-risk individuals. We sought to identify such factors and to consider them within a stress-diathesis model of suicidal behavior. METHODS Patients with bipolar disorder (N = 96) were compared with respect to the presence or absence(More)