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In the rat, early postnatal development is a critical period for neuronal migration, differentiation and network formation, requiring appropriate and timely glutamate and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) signaling. Insults that affect either of these systems may result in increased excitatory activity, potentially leading to changes in neuronal proliferation(More)
This article documents the turning points in the rape issue, which led to the acknowledgement of its prevalence in the world, especially in South Africa. November 25 marked the first day of the "Take a Stand" movement in South Africa, which coincided with the International Day Against Violence Against Women. This movement involves peaceful protests and(More)
BACKGROUND Broad-based collaborations are becoming increasingly common among disease researchers. For example, the Global HIV Enterprise has united cross-disciplinary consortia to speed progress towards HIV vaccines through coordinated research across the boundaries of institutions, continents and specialties. New, end-to-end software tools for data and(More)
BACKGROUND Multiple types of assays allow sensitive detection of virus-specific neutralizing antibodies. For example, the extent of antibody neutralization of HIV-1, SIV and SHIV can be measured in the TZM-bl cell line through the degree of luciferase reporter gene expression after infection. In the past, neutralization curves and titers for this standard(More)
In distributed transaction processing, the database servers at each site must agree on whether to commit or roll back each transaction. Whilst the database servers are arriving at a global decision, site and network failures can occur, potentially causing blocking at the surviving sites, thereby preventing the progress of other transactions. To mitigate(More)