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BACKGROUND Pain and dysfunction of the shoulder complex are commonly found physiotherapy practice. These musculoskeletal abnormalities are related to instability and inadequate kinematic function, that depend on the integrity of the muscle tissues. Thus, to enhance the results of exercise therapies, and prevent and attenuate pain and dynfunction, the use of(More)
In the minimal 3-3-1 model charged leptons come in a non-diagonal basis. Moreover the Yukawa interactions of the model lead to a non-hermitian charged lepton mass matrix. In other words, the minimal 3-3-1 model presents a very complex lepton mixing. In view of this we check rigorously if the possible textures of the lepton mass matrices allowed by the(More)
In this work we show that 3-3-1 model with right-handed neutrinos has a natural WIMP dark matter candidate. It is a complex scalar with mass of order of some hundreds of GeV which carries two units of lepton number, a scalar bilepton. This makes it a very peculiar WIMP, very distinct from Supersymmetric or Extra-dimension candidates. Besides, although we(More)
In this work we address contributions from scalars to (g − 2) µ. In order to explain the recently measured deviation by the BNL experiment on (g − 2) µ , it is necessary that these scalars are either light or couple strongly with muons. Here we explore this last possibility. We show that a scalar with mass of the order of 10 2 GeV provides significant(More)
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