Sarah Postel

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An efficient system was established for high frequency embryogenesis and regeneration of indica rice, Oryza sativa L. cv. MDU 5. Basic media, carbohydrate sources and concentrations, agar concentrations, amino acids, cytokinins and auxins were evaluated in callus induction and regeneration media to establish the most efficient regeneration protocol for MDU(More)
Globally, water use has more than tripled since 1950, and the answer to this rising demand generally has been to build more and bigger water supply projects, particularly dams and river diversions. As population and consumption levels grow, more and more rivers are being dammed, diverted, or overtapped to supply increasing volumes of water to cities,(More)
  • Sarah Postel
  • Water science and technology : a journal of the…
  • 2002
The world is moving into a period of widespread water stress and competition, with enormous implications for food security, the health of the aquatic environment, and social and political stability. In the second half of the 20th Century water demand more than tripled, the major factor being irrigation for food production. Over the same period, the number(More)
Over the past 3 decades, the depletion of underground water reserves (known as aquifers) has spread from isolated pockets of the agricultural landscape to large portions of the world's irrigated land. Groundwater drafting and groundwater exploiting are now rampant in the crop-producing regions all over the world, as is exemplified by the cases of India,(More)
Water scarcity in some regions is a leading source of economic and political instability. Upstream countries have a clear advantage over downstream countries. Almost 40% of the world's population relies on river systems used by at least 2 countries. Water conflicts are most evident in the Middle East where population growth rates are among the world's(More)
We continue to expand a water supply that has ecological and economical limits. Drip irrigation techniques, rainwater harvesting, and use of water=saving plumbing fixtures can help solve our water shortage problem. The core of the predicament is that society is no longer connected to water's life=giving qualities. Modern society does not respect the(More)
Water is central to food production, industrial expansion, and urban growth. The creative use of water has resulted in both the advance of the standard of living and the destruction of the environment. Exhausted rivers, falling water tables, and shrinking lakes indicate the abuse that the world water system has suffered. The Middle East, the region with(More)