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Computer security problems often occur when there are disconnects between users’ understanding of their role in computer security and what is expected of them. To help users make good security decisions more easily, we need insights into the challenges they face in their daily computer usage. We built and deployed the Security Behavior Observatory (SBO) to(More)
Text passwords—a frequent vector for account compromise, yet still ubiquitous—have been studied for decades by researchers attempting to determine how to coerce users to create passwords that are hard for a‹ackers to guess but still easy for users to type and memorize. Most studies examine one password or a small number of passwords per user, and studies(More)
The Security Behavior Observatory (SBO) is a longitudinal fieldstudy of computer security habits that provides a novel dataset for validating computer security metrics. This paper demonstrates a new strategy for validating phishing detection ability metrics by comparing performance on a phishing signal detection task with data logs found in the SBO. We(More)
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