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Entamoeba histolytica infection may have various clinical manifestations. Nine out of ten E. histolytica infections remain asymptomatic, while the remainder become invasive and cause disease. The most common form of invasive infection is amebic diarrhea and colitis, whereas the most common extra-intestinal disease is amebic liver abscess. The underlying(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the prevalence and demographic and psychological correlates of Internet use as a help-seeking resource for emotional problems in a community sample of adolescents. METHOD A self-report survey was completed by 9th-through 12th-grade students ( = 519) enrolled in health courses in six New York State high schools in the fall/winter of(More)
OBJECTIVE The issue of thimerosal-containing vaccines as a possible cause of autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) and neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs) has been a controversial topic since 1999. Although most practitioners are familiar with the controversy, many are not familiar with the type or quality of evidence in published articles that have addressed(More)
We describe mycobacterial phospholipase A activity (MPLA) and, using reverse genetics, have associated this activity with putative mycobacterial cutinase. PLAs, which hydrolyze fatty acids on phospholipids, play a significant role in human inflammatory states and disease pathogenesis. In prokaryotes, the recognition of their role in virulence is more(More)
The cell wall of M. tuberculosis is central to its success as a pathogen. Mycolic acids are key components of this cell wall. The genes involved in joining the alpha and mero mycolates are located in a cluster, beginning with Rv3799c and extending at least until Rv3804c. The role of each enzyme encoded by these five genes is fairly well understood, except(More)
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Acknowledgements Thank you to the people who contributed to this research, particularly the people who participated in the interviews and the Reference Group members. Group homes Capital or leased property usually housing 2-6 clients with employed staff up to 24-hours on-site HACC Home and Community Care, community-based support to assist people to live in(More)
Abbreviations ABS Australian Bureau of Statistics AEDI Australian Early Development Index ATSI Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander CALD Culturally and linguistically diverse This evaluation plan is designed to fulfil the purpose of the evaluation within the constraints of the budget. It identifies the goals and structure of EIP, the conceptual and(More)