Sarah P. Gibbons

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BACKGROUND Socioeconomic status (SES) has been identified as a possible risk factor for the development of dementia, with low SES shown to be associated with a higher prevalence of dementia, increased psychiatric comorbidity and worse baseline cognitive functioning. Few studies have actually looked at the impact of SES within a clinical population using(More)
BACKGROUND The proposal of a 4-year plan to integrate treatment of people with long term medical conditions (LTCs) into the IAPT service (Department of Health, 2011) seeks for research to understand the effectiveness of IAPT interventions for this patient group. AIM The aim of this service development pilot work was to develop an intervention that is(More)
Sarah P. Gibbons, College '09, History The Savings and Loan Crisis: A Morality Play of Modern American Finance Owning your own home is often considered as big a part of American life as voting or apple pie. But who or what created this culture of home ownership, and has it always been beneficial to America's economy and citizens as a whole? I will explore(More)
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