Sarah O. Lau

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STUDY DESIGN Validation study to define validity and reliability of an adapted and translated questionnaire. OBJECTIVE Assessment of the concurrent validity and reliability of a Chinese version of SRS-22 outcome instrument. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA No valid health-related quality of life (HRQL) outcome instrument exists for patients with spinal(More)
Three of four patients with the childhood nephrotic syndrome were found to have low plasma plasminogen concentrations; all four had low plasma antithrombin III concentrations. In the two patients who were tested, urinary concentrations of these proteins exceeded the plasma concentrations. As the urinary losses of plasminogen and antithrombin III decreased(More)
Whether pancreatic necrosis is a prerequisite for the development of multiorgan failure (MOF) in severe acute pancreatitis (AP) is not clear and has implications for the rational design of translational therapies. This study was designed to investigate the magnitude of any association between MOF and radiologically evident pancreatic or extrapancreatic(More)
Green tea catechins (GTCs) are secondary plant metabolites that have been associated with health benefits in human trials. As such, they have the potential to reduce cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk; however, results are not consistent. This systematic review of the published data assessed the putative effect of GTCs supplementation on anthropometric,(More)
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