Sarah O Colwell

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Growth characteristics of 57 children with feeding gastrostomies attending the cerebral palsy clinic at a regional medical facility were evaluated. All children had severe neuromotor and orofacial involvement and mental retardation. More than 90% of the patients were less than fifth percentile for height and weight, and 80% were underweight for height(More)
This report assessed outcomes of hypnotherapeutic interventions for 505 children and adolescents seen by four pediatricians over a period of one year and followed from four months to two years. Presenting problems included enuresis, acute pain, chronic pain, asthma, habit disorders, obesity, encopresis, and anxiety. Using strict criteria for determination(More)
Relationships between neurodevelopmental and educational findings were investigated in a clinic sample of 241 successive patients (aged 6 to 12 years) over a period of 6 months. Ratings of "definite," "possible," and "no problem" were compared between seven neurodevelopmental areas or three language functions and seven academic skills. Of the 40(More)
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