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A useful approach towards improving interface design is to incorporate known HCI theory in design tools. As a step toward this, we have created a tool incorporating several known psychological results (e.g., alias generation rules and the keystroke model). The tool, simple additions to a spreadsheet developed for psychology, helps create theoretically(More)
An experiment was performed to test whether cross-modal speaker matches could be made using isolated visible speech movement information. Visible speech movements were isolated using a point-light technique. In five conditions, subjects were asked to match a voice to one of two (unimodal) speaking point-light faces on the basis of speaker identity. Two of(More)
We describe an approach for developing cognitive models that can interact with real-time interactive tasks (like flying a plane) and static, puzzle-like tasks. The primary requirement is the ability to create simulations usable by both subjects and models. Additional general simulation requirements can be noted for our applications in particular, such as(More)