Sarah Monica Angelone

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Schizophrenic patients are known to show a deficit in the source monitoring function, which refers to the set of processes involved in the attribution of an origin to memories and beliefs. A failure in source monitoring was found to be associated with Schneiderian delusions in the recent literature. This study aimed to explore in a sample of schizophrenic(More)
The Authors pass on the case of a nephroblastoma, associated to Wilms Tumorlet and combined nephroblastomatosis, arose on a multicystic dysplastic kidney. They examine the relationships between the nephroblastoma and the kidney malformations, the possibility of malignant degeneration of a multicystic dysplastic kidney and the necessity of the nephrectomy as(More)
G.L.D. is a rare syndrome characterized by chylothorax, chylous ascites and lymphedema associated to minor symptoms following from lymphangiectasis or to lymphangiomatosis. This syndrome is caused by congenital dysplasia of lymphatic vessels and has, generally, an extremely severe prognosis. In the present papers the authors describe one case of G.L.D. in a(More)
The Authors, on the basis of their observation of two cases of giant posterolateral congenital extratrigonal diverticula of the bladder (D.G.P.P.L.E.), identify it as a nosological entity apart in the widest category of bladder's diverticula, which implies a peculiar diagnostic and therapeutic attitude.
The Authors present 4 cases of femoral hernia treated in their pediatric surgery department during the last 11 years. Childhood femoral hernia is rare and often missed clinically because of difficulty in eliciting their clinical signs. During an operation for inguinal hernia it is essential to think of femoral hernia when a non obliterated processus(More)
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