Sarah Meister

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The influence of a low dose of morphine on the self-selection of alcohol and sucrose solutions is investigated. When given a choice between sucrose sweetened ethanol and plain water, rats show a significant preference for the sweetened ethanol. However, when given a choice between sweetened ethanol and sweetened water, rats increase consumption of sweetened(More)
The influence of a low dose of morphine was investigated on the acquisition and maintenance of consumption of a sweetened ethanol solution with water as the alternative in a two-bottle choice procedure. During acquisition in Experiment 1, morphine failed to significantly increase the consumption of a sweetened ethanol solution compared to either a(More)
Double-strand DNA breaks occur upon exposure of cells to agents such as ionizing radiation and ultraviolet light or indirectly through replication fork collapse at DNA damage sites. If left unrepaired double-strand breaks can cause genome instability and cell death. In response to DNA damage, proteins involved in double-strand break repair by homologous(More)
The clinically approved proteasome inhibitor bortezomib (Bz) represents a promising agent for the therapy of relapsed multiple myeloma. However, long-term remissions are difficult to achieve, in fact myeloma cells often develop secondary resistance to proteasome inhibition. We recently demonstrated that myeloma cells are highly sensitive towards proteasome(More)
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