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Ectotherms in northern latitudes are seasonally exposed to cold temperatures. To improve survival under cold stress, they use diverse mechanisms to increase temperature resistance and prevent tissue damage. The accumulation of anti-freeze proteins that improve cold hardiness occurs in diverse species including plants, arthropods, fish, and amphibians. We(More)
As microbial drug-resistance increases, there is a critical need for new classes of compounds to combat infectious diseases. The Ixodes scapularis tick antifreeze glycoprotein, IAFGP, functions as an antivirulence agent against diverse bacteria, including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Recombinant IAFGP and a peptide, P1, derived from this(More)
BACKGROUND Women in medicine may feel pressure to choose between the competing demands of career goals and being a dedicated spouse and parent. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this survey study is to report on the current opinions of female dermatologists with regard to family planning, maternity leave, and career success. METHODS We surveyed 183 members of(More)
INTRODUCTION Hydroxyurea is a standard treatment for myeloproliferative disorders because of its cytoreductive effects on all bone marrow cell lines. As a hydroxylated derivative of urea, it inhibits DNA synthesis by inactivating ribonucleotide diphosphate reductase. Hydroxyurea is generally well tolerated. However, a variety of cutaneous side effects(More)
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