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The reconstruction of evolutionary trees from data sets on overlapping sets of species is a central problem in phylogenetics. Provided that the tree reconstructed for each subset of species is rooted and that these trees fit together consistently, the space of all parent trees that ‘display’ these trees was recently shown to satisfy the following strong(More)
Graph theory is an ancient branch of engineering. Many problems of real-world have been solved by graph theory’s principles. In this survey paper, I want to present the plane 3-tree’s concept with an interesting branch of another topic of graph theory, that is, chordal bipartite graph. Throughout the development of this survey paper, we will present(More)
It is accepted practice by the health professions to assess and treat many conditions as isolated problems. It is our intention to present to you a different approach to treatment. This is based on a total body assessment from analysing biomechanical faults and compensations in all body linkages. These biomechanical inadequacies are apparent at an early age(More)
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