Sarah Malcolm

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Previous research has indicated a possible right hemisphere advantage in deception detection including a possible left ear advantage in decoding deceptive statements. In this study, 32 undergraduate students listened to 112 true and false statements presented unilaterally to both the left and right ears. The participants responded using their left or right(More)
Previous research has indicated a relationship between the ability to detect deceit and self-awareness. In this study, two experiments were conducted to further investigate this relationship. Thirty-two (28 females and 4 males) undergraduate students listened to 116 true and false statements with headphones in an attempt to determine which statements(More)
An antibody format, termed Fab-dsFv, has been designed for clinical indications that require monovalent target binding in the absence of direct Fc receptor (FcR) binding while retaining substantial serum presence. The variable fragment (Fv) domain of a humanized albumin-binding antibody was fused to the C-termini of Fab constant domains, such that the VL(More)
INTRODUCTION CD40 ligand (CD40L) blockade has demonstrated efficacy in experimental autoimmune models. However, clinical trials of hu5c8, an anti-human CD40L IgG1 antibody, in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) were halted due to an increased incidence of thrombotic events. This study evaluated CDP7657, a high affinity PEGylated monovalent Fab' anti-CD40L(More)
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