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DNArCdb: A database of cancer biomarkers in DNA repair genes that includes variants related to multiple cancer phenotypes.
Functioning DNA repair capabilities are vital for organisms to ensure that the biological information is preserved and correctly propagated. Disruptions in DNA repair pathways can result in theExpand
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Insights into the Bioactivity of Mensacarcin and Epoxide Formation by MsnO8
Mensacarcin, a potential antitumour drug, is produced by Streptomyces bottropensis. The structure consists of a three‐membered ring system with many oxygen atoms. Of vital importance in this contextExpand
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Functional Characterization of Different ORFs Including Luciferase‐Like Monooxygenase Genes from the Mensacarcin Gene Cluster
The biologically active compound mensacarcin is produced by Streptomyces bottropensis. The cosmid cos2 contains a large part of the mensacarcin biosynthesis gene cluster. Heterologous expression ofExpand
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