Sarah Macdonald

Fiona M. Tomley1
Leanne Ten Brinke1
Virginia Marugan-Hernandez1
Colin Crouch1
1Fiona M. Tomley
1Leanne Ten Brinke
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Emotional deception is a common behaviour that can have major consequences if undetected. For example, the sincerity of an offender's expressed remorse is an important factor in sentencing and parole hearings. The present study was the first to investigate the nature of true and false remorse. We examined facial, verbal and body language behaviours(More)
Eimeria species are parasitic protozoa that cause coccidiosis, an intestinal disease commonly characterised by malabsorption, diarrhoea and haemorrhage that is particularly important in chickens. Vaccination against chicken coccidiosis is effective using wild-type or attenuated live parasite lines. The development of protocols to express foreign proteins in(More)
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