Sarah M. North

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There are great challenges for the people involved in the management of information systems to take special measures to secure their information systems. This is more apparent in a university setting, specifically when providing computing resources to the diverse student population. The current paper reports on a study of computer security and ethics(More)
This pilot study is the first known in-depth case study of the effectiveness of virtual reality therapy (VRT) as a treatment for Test Anxiety (TA). The subject of the study was a 28-year-old male, whose anxiety and avoidance behavior was interfering with his normal academic activities. For treatment, he was placed in a virtual classroom and later in a(More)
In today's global economy, information security and awareness is an absolutely essential component of any management information system. Furthermore, the importance of information security and awareness is even more vital in university environments. Like other organizations, universities provide users with access to an immense amount of information and(More)
The objective of this project was to investigate, build and develop Information Assurance (IA) capacity at consortium of colleges and universities. This primary objectives of this project were (i) develop Information Security (IS) modules that are geared towards lower level undergraduate courses; and (ii) incorporate early research experiences that are(More)
We describe a new curriculum for hardware based network intrusion detection taught at college and graduate levels in a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education Program (CAE/IAE). The curriculum focuses the fundamental concepts of network intrusion detection mechanisms, network traffic analysis, rule-based detection logic,(More)