Sarah M. Duffy

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Rusbult's (1980, 1983) investment model was utilized to explore the determinants of satisfaction with and commitment to maintain romantic relationships among male and female homosexuals and male and female heterosexuals. The study employed a questionnaire designed to obtain both specific and global measures of rewards, costs, alternatives, and investments,(More)
Few systematic studies have examined the characteristics of substance abuse treatment programs serving adolescents. An expert panel recently identified nine key elements of effective adolescent substance abuse treatment. We measured the percentage of treatment programs in the United States with at least 10 adolescent clients on a given day that reported(More)
Can a rational choice modeling framework help broaden our understanding of anorexia nervosa? This question is interesting because anorexia nervosa is a serious health concern, and because a rational choice approach may shed useful light on a condition which appears to involve " choosing " to be ill. We present a model of weight choice and dieting applicable(More)
Investigations at Happisburgh, UK, have revealed the oldest known hominin footprint surface outside Africa at between ca. 1 million and 0.78 million years ago. The site has long been recognised for the preservation of sediments containing Early Pleistocene fauna and flora, but since 2005 has also yielded humanly made flint artefacts, extending the record of(More)
OAS wishes to thank the individuals within the Department of Justice who assisted in the survey planning and review of the report, including members of the Bureau of Prisons as well as members of the Corrections Program Office, the Bureau of Justice Statistics, and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and other members of the Office of(More)
BACKGROUND Despite numerous animal studies that have illustrated the impact of additional vitamin D in the diet of hens on the resulting egg vitamin D content, the effect of the consumption of such eggs on vitamin D status of healthy individuals has not, to our knowledge, been tested. OBJECTIVE We performed a randomized controlled trial (RCT) to(More)
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