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Assigned to Solanales (APG II, 2003) along with Convolvulaceae, Hydroleaceae, Montiniaceae, and Sphenocleaceae, Solanaceae are a monophyletic group containing approximately 100 genera and 2,500 species (D’Arcy, 1991; Olmstead & al., 1999; Hunziker, 2001; Olmstead & Bohs, 2007). Species of Solanaceae occur on all temperate and tropical continents, but by far(More)
Measurement of greenhouse gas (GHG) fluxes between the soil and the atmosphere, in both managed and unmanaged ecosystems, is critical to understanding the biogeochemical drivers of climate change and to the development and evaluation of GHG mitigation strategies based on modulation of landscape management practices. The static chamber-based method described(More)
One of the most widespread approaches for measurement of greenhouse gas emissions from soils involves the use of static chambers. This method is relatively inexpensive, is easily replicated, and is ideally suited to plot-based experimental systems. Among its limitations is the loss of detection sensitivity with increasing chamber height, which creates(More)
Acknowledgements Before I started the journey into graduate school, I was told that " graduate school is the most selfish thing you'll ever do, " and now I truly have come to understand what that means. Graduate school is a community endeavor with one goal: to let me do what I love; in a word, learn. Thank you to Drs. Matthew Ruark and Mark Powell, for(More)
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