Sarah M Callahan

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This study investigated the processes underlying parallelism by evaluating the activation of a parallel element (i.e., a verb) throughout and-coordinated sentences. Four points were tested: (1) approximately 1,600 ms after the verb in the first conjunct (PP1), (2) immediately following the conjunction (PP2), (3) approximately 1,100 ms after the conjunction(More)
The temperature and humidity of expired air from three adult Merino sheep were measured at air temperatures of 20, 30 and 40 degrees C before and after the animals were shorn. Expired air was apparently always saturated with water vapour. At the higher air temperatures the temperature of expired air was close to deep body temperature; at lower air(More)
PURPOSE To examine children's comprehension of verb phrase (VP) ellipsis constructions in light of their automatic, online structural processing abilities and conscious, metalinguistic reflective skill. METHOD Forty-two children ages 5 through 12 years listened to VP ellipsis constructions involving the strict/sloppy ambiguity (e.g., "The janitor(More)
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