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Personal Learning or Prescribed Educational Outcomes: A Case Study of the Outward Bound Experience
Experiential organizations often adopt quantitative course evaluation, as this provides them with numbers to justify prescribed educational outcomes to funding bodies. However, it has been arguedExpand
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Elite athletes as mothers: Managing multiple identities
Mothers' voices are often silent in the sports literature, especially as elite athletes. This research used a symbolic interactionist approach and semi-structured interviews to explore theExpand
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Voices behind the walls: female offenders and experiential learning
This research highlights the learning of female offenders on a 20-day tailor-made experiential adventure education course (Women in Action) delivered by Outward Bound New Zealand. The aims of theExpand
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Does Pushing Comfort Zones Produce Peak Learning Experiences?
This article presents findings from two Outward Bound studies, one for international participants in the Czech Republic and one for female offenders in New Zealand. Open-ended questions askedExpand
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Juggling Balls and Roles, Working Mother-Coaches in Youth Sport: Beyond the Dualistic Worker-Mother Identity
Despite the ubiquitous presence of mothers in sport contexts, mothers’ voices are often absent in the sport literature, particularly at the youth sport level. A phenomenological approach was used toExpand
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Leadership Development for Women in New Zealand Universities
The Problem. Women continue to be underrepresented in senior academic and general staff positions in universities internationally, and New Zealand universities are no different. In addition, there isExpand
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New Zealand Bodybuilder Identities
Existing research implies bodybuilders are a homogenous group with gender, power, control and empowerment, as well as afflictions such as personal inadequacies, dominating scholarly thinkingExpand
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Stakeholder Constructions of Leadership in Intercollegiate Athletics
Abstract Leadership research, particularly in sport management settings, is characterized by post-positivist approaches that are permeated by quantitative designs, largely neglecting the role ofExpand
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Risking a Debate - Redefining Risk and Risk Management: A New Zealand Case Study
This paper examines the gulf between the perceptions of risk and risk management of twelve New Zealand outdoor instructors and the definitions and managerial practices surrounding risk and riskExpand
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