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The molecular sieve MCM-22 contains structural features previously unobserved in this class of materials. Its framework topology, derived from high-resolution electron micrographs and refined with synchrotron x-ray diffraction powder data, contains two independent pore systems, both of which are accessed through rings composed of ten tetrahedral (T) atoms(More)
ZSM-18 is the first known aluminosilicate zeolite to contain rings of three (Si,Al)-O species (3-rings). Its framework topology has been determined by hypothetical model building, subsequent constrained distance and angle least-squares refinements of atomic coordinates, and x-ray powder diffraction pattern simulations. Its channel structure is characterized(More)
BACKGROUND Negative psychosocial consequences have been reported for children with auditory processing disorder (APD). The current literature surrounding APD does not sufficiently address the emotional and psychological consequences of living with the disorder. It is recommended that data be collected from multiple sources, including the child living with(More)
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