Sarah Landolt

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Skin manifestations associated with diabetes mellitus are common and, with close scrutiny, can occur in most, if not all, patients. Little information is available on what common pathophysiologic thread is responsible for the skin manifestation and diabetes. Although controlled studies are lacking, a recognition of the skin manifestations, treatment, and(More)
This work addresses the biogenesis of heme-copper terminal oxidases in Bradyrhizobium japonicum, the nitrogen-fixing root nodule symbiont of soybean. B. japonicum has four quinol oxidases and four cytochrome oxidases. The latter include the aa(3)- and cbb(3)-type oxidases. Although both have a Cu(B) center in subunit I, the subunit II proteins differ in(More)
BACKGROUND Availability of information in hospitals is an important prerequisite for good service. Significant resources have been invested to improve the availability of information, but it is also vital that the security of this information can be guaranteed. OBJECTIVE The goal of this study was to assess information security in hospitals through a(More)
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