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Severe Zinc Depletion of Escherichia coli
Zinc ions play indispensable roles in biological chemistry. However, bacteria have an impressive ability to acquire Zn2+ from the environment, making it exceptionally difficult to achieve Zn2+Expand
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Disclosure Risk vs. Data Utility: The R-U Confidentiality Map as Applied to Topcoding
Americans are urged to be more savvy about preventing their personal information from falling into strangers' hands. Expand
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very difficult. Nevertheless, during the course of thiswork, a paper was published (9) in which the authors concludethat ZinT (formerly YodA) “is involved in periplasmicExpand
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A novel method for exploring elemental composition of microbial communities: laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry of intact bacterial colonies.
Bacterial colonies are spatially complex structures whose physiology is profoundly dependent on interactions between cells and with the underlying semi-solid substratum. Here, we use bacterialExpand
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Disclosure Risk vs. Data Utility through the R-U Confidentiality Map in Multivariate Settings
Confidentiality Map in Multivariate Settings George T. Duncan . Professor of Statistics Heinz School of Public Policy and Management, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213Expand
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River storm flow phosphorus loading to Lake James, North Carolina, USA
Accurate calculations of nutrienr loads to reservoirs from non-poinr source flows are complicated by hydrologic discharges from local and regional watersheds. Nutrienr concenrrations under base flowExpand
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The National Children's Study 2014: commentary on a recent National Research Council/Institute of Medicine Report.
The National Children’s Study 2014: Commentary on a Recent National Research Council/Institute of Medicine Report Marie C. McCormick, MD, ScD; Dean B. Baker, MD, MPH; Paul P. Biemer, PhD; BarbaraExpand
Seed germination and root elongation as indicators of exposure of wetland seedlings to metals
Wetland ecosystems have often been impacted by the addition of hazardous waste materials. Methods are needed to evaluate the effect of these substances on wetland ecosystems and the organisms withinExpand