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Are the Gut Bacteria Telling Us to Eat or Not to Eat? Reviewing the Role of Gut Microbiota in the Etiology, Disease Progression and Treatment of Eating Disorders
Traditionally recognized as mental illnesses, eating disorders are increasingly appreciated to be biologically-driven. There is a growing body of literature that implicates a role of the gutExpand
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Fine-mapping identifies two additional breast cancer susceptibility loci at 9q31.2
We recently identified a novel susceptibility variant, rs865686, for estrogen-receptor positive breast cancer at 9q31.2. Here, we report a fine-mapping analysis of the 9q31.2 susceptibility locusExpand
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Abstract 241: Contribution of female breast cancer predisposition SNPs to risk of male breast cancer
Genome-wide association studies have identified more than 170 loci that confer susceptibility to breast cancer. Male breast cancer accounts for approximately 1% off all newly diagnosed cases ofExpand
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Abstract 816: Molecular and genomic characterization of a newly established male breast cancer cell line
Although the majority of breast cancers affect women, approximately 1% of cases occur in men. At present comparatively little is known about the molecular mechanisms that influence male breast cancerExpand
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Abstract 788: Modeling tumor microenvironmental heterogeneity identifies CREBBP as a novel tumor suppressor in breast cancer
Solid tumors display significant histological, genetic and micro-environmental intra-tumor heterogeneity that can change substantially over the course of their evolutionary trajectory. In particular,Expand
UK Breast Cancer Research Symposium 2016: Submitted Abstracts
UK Breast Cancer Research Symposium 2016: Submitted Abstracts The Author(s) 2016. This article is published with open access at Springerlink.com Breast cancer risk alleles in separate gene regulatoryExpand