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Self Esteem/Self Concept Scales for Children and Adolescents: A Review.
There remains a flourishing interest in self esteem/self concept both in academic and clinical circles and popular literature. This paper elaborates various notions of the self and discusses theExpand
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Development of the Self-Image Profile for Adults [SIP-AD]
Self-esteem is an important notion within clinical practice, yet despite numerous initiatives in measuring the concept, most scales lack a theoretical foundation and are methodologicallyExpand
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Exploring potential mechanisms in alarm treatment for primary nocturnal enuresis
Objective. In the treatment of childhood nocturnal enuresis the enuresis alarm has consistently proved effective. However, the various proposals advanced to explain its therapeutic mechanismExpand
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Enuresis alarm treatment
Objective. Treatment for childhood nocturnal enuresis emphasizes either a psychological or pharmacological approach. The enuresis alarm, in comparative studies, has emerged as the most effectiveExpand
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Withering Waits: The Development of a Referrals Management System within a Clinical Psychology & Counselling Service (reprinted)
This paper charts the implementation and development of a referrals management system within a secondary care NHS clinical psychology and counselling service over a period of approximately threeExpand
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