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Objective. This paper examines the factors that determine whether an intercollegiate athletic program is in compliance with Title IX, the statute requiring gender equity in education programs. Methods. I conduct a series of econometric regressions that examine the compliance status of Division I institutions as well as the progress that they have made(More)
The quantification of plutonium (Pu) in spent nuclear fuel is an increasingly important safeguards issue. There exists an estimated worldwide 980 metric tons of Pu in the nuclear fuel cycle and the majority is in spent nuclear fuel waiting for long term storage or fuel reprocessing. This study investigates utilizing the measurement of x-ray fluorescence(More)
We explore how limits to our insight on the underlying decision-making structure of regulated entities may affect the conclusions we draw about the likely impacts of environmental policies, with a focus on environmental auditing. We examine the conditions under which a multi-facility firm chooses to adopt a standardized auditing. Our firm-level empirical(More)
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