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Exogenous BDNF Rescues Rat Spiral Ganglion Neurons In Vivo
Objective: To determine if exogenous neurotrophins can prevent spiral ganglion neuron degeneration in the rat cochlea. Background: The loss of hair cells resulting in sensorineural hearing loss alsoExpand
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Urinary tract infections due to extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing Gram-negative bacteria: identification of risk factors and outcome predictors in an Australian tertiary referral hospital.
OBJECTIVES Extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-expressing Gram-negative bacilli (ESBL-GNB) now commonly cause community-acquired infections, including urinary tract infections (UTI), and represent aExpand
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Management of dengue in Australian travellers: a retrospective multicentre analysis
Objectives: To describe the epidemiology, clinical and laboratory features and outcomes of dengue in returned Australian travellers, applying the revised WHO dengue classification (2009) to thisExpand
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Consensus guidelines for the treatment of invasive mould infections in haematological malignancy and haemopoietic stem cell transplantation, 2014.
Mould species represent the pathogens most commonly associated with invasive fungal disease in patients with haematological malignancies and patients of haemopoietic stem cell transplants. InvasiveExpand
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Leprosy: diagnosis and management in a developed setting
Leprosy remains an important global health concern, but little has been published about its diagnosis and management in developed settings. It has been postulated that delay in diagnosis is common inExpand
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Immediate recall of health issues discussed during a pre-travel consultation.
BACKGROUND An important role of pre-travel consultations is to improve travelers' understanding of travel-related diseases, but the efficacy of education provided is unknown. This study sought toExpand
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Global Burden of Toxocariasis: A Common Neglected Infection of Poverty
Toxocariasis is a zoonosis of global importance, yet our understanding of the burden of human disease is limited by insufficient clinical awareness, absence of standardized diagnostic criteria andExpand
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Nocardiosis in the Tropical Northern Territory of Australia, 1997–2014
Background. Nocardia is an opportunistic pathogen that can cause life-threatening disease. We aimed to characterize the epidemiological, microbiological, and clinical features of nocardiosis in theExpand
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Use of pre-travel vaccine-preventable disease serology as a screening tool to identify patients in need of pre-travel vaccination: a retrospective audit
Background Vaccination is a safe and effective public health intervention that not only protects individual travellers from vaccine-preventable diseases (VPDs), but prevents them from becoming aExpand
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