Sarah L. Horswell

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A method for the preparation of smooth deposits of Pt on Au nanorods is described, involving sequential deposition steps with selective blocking of surface sites that reduces Pt-on-Pt deposition. The Au-Pt nanorods prepared by this method have higher long-term stability than those prepared by standard Pt deposition. Electrochemical data show that the(More)
In this work we address the challenge of furthering our understanding of the driving forces responsible for the metal-metal interactions in industrially relevant bimetallic nanocatalysts, by taking a comparative approach to the atomic scale characterization of two core-shell nanorod systems (AuPd and AuRh). Using aberration-corrected scanning transmission(More)
This study focuses on the deposition and growth mode of rhodium (Rh) on gold (Au) seed nanorods (NRs). Using a combination of scanning transmission electron microscopy imaging, energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, and UV−visible absorption spectroscopy, we show that Rh deposition results in an uneven overlayer morphology on the Au NR seeds, with a tendency(More)
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