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Astrocytes are characterized by extensive gap junctional intercellular communication (GJIC) mediated primarily by channels composed of connexin43. In contrast, C6 glioma cells are deficient in connexin expression and gap junctional communication. Transfection of these glioma cells with connexin cDNAs results in changes in cellular phenotype following(More)
One of the key criteria that informs patient management decisions for colorectal cancer is the extent of the shortest distance from the edge of the primary tumour to the edge of the mesorectum, also referred to as circumferential resection margin (CRM). This region is resected during surgery. The CRM is difficult for clinicians to measure accurately,(More)
Apart from chemoradiotherapy, surgery by total mesorectal resection is currently the only curative therapy for colorectal cancer. However, this often has a poor outcome, especially if there are affected lymph nodes too close to the resection boundary. The circumferential resection margin (CRM) is defined as the shortest distance from an affected region to(More)
We studied mice from five genetic strains at two ages (young, 10 +/- 0.49 weeks; old, 74.4 +/- 14 weeks) for the induction of unscheduled DNA synthesis (UDS) in bone marrow cells following in vivo challenge by a known mutagen and carcinogen: methyl nitrosourea (MNU). The data, in the form of mean silver grains/cell and the percentage of cells in UDS, were(More)
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