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Alveolar soft-part sarcoma is a clinically and morphologically distinct soft-tissue sarcoma of adolescent and young adult patients. Though immunohistochemical stains implicate a myogenic origin, the histogenesis of this tumor has not yet been established. Its high vascular nature leads to dissemination of the tumor cells into the bloodstream and metastasis.(More)
To correlate CD 4 counts with albuminuria and glomerular lesions in patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), we studied 104 HIV positive patients (68 males, 36 females) of whom 100 patients were infected by heterosexual contact, 3 by transfusion, and 1 by i.v. drug abuse. We screened over nine months for albuminuria by urine dip stick(More)
Oncocytic tumours of adrenal gland are rare lesions with approximately twenty-five cases being documented in literature. A majority of them are nonfunctional and benign. We report a case of adrenal oncocytoma in a 44-year-old male, who underwent a laparotomy for a large mass in the abdomen, which was located above the left kidney. Routine histopathological(More)
This study analyses the pre-disposing factors, diagnostic modalities, therapeutic options and prognostic factors involved in 7 subjects with renal abscess. Most often they presented with high fever and flank pain. USG and CT were used to establish the diagnosis. Urine culture yielded organisms in five cases and hence empirical antibiotic therapy for(More)
Angiomatous meningioma accounts for 2.1% of all meningiomas. It has features of a typical benign meningioma with many small or large vascular channels which may predominate over its meningothelial elements. We present here a series of three cases of angiomatous meningioma, which posed diagnostic difficulty to clinicians, radiologists, and pathologists. All(More)
Sirupeellai samoola kudineer (SK), a polyherbal decoction, has been used in Siddha system of medicine for the management of Urolithiasis. Since, there exists no documentation of preclinical toxicological evaluation of SK earlier, in the present study, acute and subacute toxicity of SK was assessed in Sprague Dawley rats as per OECD guideline 423 and 407,(More)