Sarah Kuriakose

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Social engagement by children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in unstructured school settings generally occurs at very low levels, if at all. Although many interventions improve peer socialization, generalization and maintenance of such gains when interventions are faded are typically low. The present study employed a multiple baseline design across(More)
Autism spectrum disorder has become one of the most prevalent developmental disorders, characterized by a wide variety of symptoms. Many children need extensive therapy for years to improve their behavior and facilitate integration in society. However, few systematic evaluations are done on a large scale that can provide insights into how, where, and how(More)
Laurie Leventhal-Belfer’s Why do I have to? is a thoughtfully structured guide for children who are frustrated with everyday rules and adults who are frustrated with those children. This short book is packed with a comprehensive set of questions, phrased from a child’s perspective, dealing primarily with social expectations. The questions are broken down(More)
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