Sarah Kohler

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FoxA1-3 (formerly HNF3alpha, -beta, and -gamma), members of the FoxA subfamily of forkhead transcription factors, function as initial chromatin-binding and chromatin-remodeling factors in a variety of tissues, including liver and pancreas. Despite essential roles in development and metabolism, regulation of FoxA factors is not well understood. This study(More)
Association of herpesvirus DNA with histones has important implications for lytic and latent infections; thus herpesviruses arbitrate interactions with histones to productively infect host cells. While regulation of alpha and betaherpesvirus chromatin during lytic infection has been actively investigated, very little is known about interaction of(More)
Gammaherpesvirus protein kinases are an attractive therapeutic target as they support lytic replication and latency. Via an unknown mechanism these kinases enhance expression of select viral genes and DNA synthesis. Importantly, the kinase phenotypes have not been examined in primary cell types. Mouse gammaherpesvirus-68 (MHV68) protein kinase orf36(More)
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