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Research has shown that insurance doctors in assessing a claim mainly use information provided by the client, whose medical data are not checked with the attending physician, unless a refusal of or a reduction in the disability allowance is to be expected. Additionally, further medical investigations are hardly ever requested. After a year of absence(More)
A main problem in adaptive optics is to reconstruct the phase spectrum given noisy phase differences. We present an efficient approach to solve the least-squares minimization problem resulting from this reconstruction, using either a truncated singular value decomposition (TSVD)-type or a Tikhonov-type regularization. Both of these approaches make use of(More)
As requested by the Minister for Social Services and Employment, the Health Council of The Netherlands reviewed existing medical guidelines on the assessment, treatment and counselling of patients claiming sick leave and disability. These guidelines were developed separately by physicians concerned with their own specific fields. The Health Council(More)
Hardly any part of the legal regulations on absenteeism and incapacity for work has remained unchanged since 1993 in the Netherlands. The system is becoming increasingly complicated. The essence of the changes is that employers' responsibility has greatly increased. The new regulations mean a transition from industrial health care to Factories Act services(More)
1 Purpose: During a positron emission tomography scan, a patient may move. These movements degrade the reconstructed image, especially as the resolution of the scanner increases. When imaging a rigid object, such as the brain, these movements may be tracked and recorded with fairly high precision. Then, this information may be used in the de-convolution(More)
The assessment of claims on performance restrictions as an expression of illness is a complex business. As well as the illness, personality factors and their interaction with a person's environment play an important part in the process. The assessment requires normative considerations. In 2005, the Health Council of the Netherlands advised the various(More)