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Thirty-seven patients were evaluated before cardiac catheterisation by bedside physical examination, including Valsalva manoeuvre, to assess the value of the sphygmomanometrically determined arterial pressure responses during the Valsalva manoeuvre and to compare its sensitivity, specificity, and predictive accuracy in the detection of left ventricular(More)
Timely repair of mandibular fractures remains an effective means to reduce pain, restore function, and prevent complications. This study addresses the effect of the time interval between injury and treatment on the overall complication rate, the complication rate between various treatment modalities (mandibular-maxillary fixation [MMF] alone, MMF with(More)
A 22-yr-old, captive-born, presumed female Hoffmann's two-toed sloth (Choloepus hoffmanni) presented in respiratory distress with severe dehydration and symptoms of hypotension. During treatment, dysphagia was noted and oral examination revealed enlarged palatine tonsils and mucosal plaques. Bloodwork showed a decreased sodium:potassium ratio, a low(More)
We describe six patients with invasive fungal infections who received large cumulative doses (22.3-73.6 g) of amphotericin B lipid complex (ABLC) over 21-121 weeks. The drug was well tolerated at these very large doses, and there was limited toxicity. Collectively, these patients received ABLC therapy for a mean of 53.8 weeks (range, 21-121 weeks). The mean(More)
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