Sarah Kirsch

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OBJECTIVE We developed a model for intravital microscopic analysis of the coronary microcirculation in transplanted murine hearts and assessed the influence of cold ischemia on postischemic microcirculatory dysfunctions. METHODS Murine hearts were exposed to 60 (n = 12) and 240 minutes (n = 8) of cold ischemia before syngeneic heterotopic transplantation.(More)
P/Q-type voltage-gated calcium channels (Ca(v)2.1) play critical presynaptic and postsynaptic roles throughout the nervous system and have been implicated in a variety of neurological disorders. Here we report that mice with a genetic ablation of the Ca(v)2.1 pore-forming α(1A) subunit (α(1A)⁻/⁻) encoded by CACNA1a (Jun et al., 1999) suffer during postnatal(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the role of platelet-endothelial cell adhesion molecule (PECAM) in acute rejection of vascularized whole organ allografts in vivo. Hearts were transplanted between BALB/c, PECAM-1(-/-), or C57BL/6 wild-type mice. Grafts were harvested on the day of rejection or after 120 days and were analyzed histologically. BALB/c(More)
Neuronal networks are endogenously modulated by aminergic and peptidergic substances. These modulatory processes are critical for maintaining normal activity and adapting networks to changes in metabolic, behavioral, and environmental conditions. However, disturbances in neuromodulation have also been associated with pathologies. Using whole animals (in(More)
Circadian rhythms play an important role in modulating cellular immune responses. The present study was performed to characterise circadian variations in lymphocyte numbers and antigen-specific T-cell functionality in healthy individuals under physiological conditions. Blood leukocyte populations of six healthy volunteers were quantified over 24 h. In(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS By ectopic expression of a distinct combination of transcription factors we aimed to induce a mature hepatocyte phenotype in an adult liver derived progenitor cell population (ALDPC). METHODS The open reading frames encoding murine Foxa2, Hnf4α and C/ebpα were cloned into lentivirus vectors and sequentially expressed in target cells. After(More)
BACKGROUND This study was aimed to assess the pleiotropic effects of non-hematopoietic doses of erythropoietin (Epo) on post-ischemic microcirculatory dysfunction and inflammation in murine cardiac allografts. METHODS Epo was given intraperitoneally 2 hours prior to explantation (Epo-donor) or 2 hours prior to the onset of reperfusion (Epo-recipient).(More)
Tuberculosis should always be taken into consideration as a possible infectious complication in transplant recipients. It is more frequent and fatal, and its diagnosis, prevention, and treatment are more challenging, in transplanted patients, as compared with the general population. Latent infection with M. tuberculosis is indirectly diagnosed by assessing(More)
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