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It has been shown that saccade-related neurons in the superior colliculus (SC) display an increased level of prestimulus activity and a higher stimulus-related burst in action potentials preceding direction errors in the anti-saccade task compared with correct anti-saccades. From this, it has been hypothesized that errors occur when the incoming visual(More)
While the alcohol literature is extensive, relatively little addresses the relationship between physiological effects and behavioural changes. Using the visual system as a model, we examined alcohol's influence on neural temporal processing as a potential means for alcohol's effects. We did this by using tasks that provided a measure of processing speed:(More)
IBS is a common gastrointestinal condition characterized by chronic or recurrent abdominal pain associated with altered bowel habits. IBS is considered a functional bowel disorder (that is, not defined by structural or biochemical abnormalities) and is diagnosed using symptom-based criteria. Limited and judicious use of diagnostic testing is recommended,(More)
Arcuate foramen is less known trait of the human atlas vertebra formed by a delicate bony spiculum, which arches backward from the posterior end of the superior articular process. Examination of 1044 human atlas vertebra revealed that the trait was present in 13.8% of the samples. The mean length of the arcuate foramen form was 7.16 mm on the left side and(More)
OBJECTIVE It has been proposed that alcohol might induce within the retina a state akin to dark adaptation. However, the evidence to support this proposal is quite indirect. Another possibility is that alcohol might affect retinal gain control rather than sensitivity. To investigate these proposals psychophysically, we measured dark adaptation functions and(More)
INTRODUCTION A sense of proper sensory processing of head motion and the coordination of visual and postural movements to maintain equilibrium is critical to everyday function. The vestibular system is an intricate organization that involves multiple levels of sensory processing to achieve this goal. PURPOSE This chapter provides an overview of the(More)
OBJECTIVES The present study was planned and carried out with the aim of determining the incidence of neurocysticercosis (NCC) among patients with clinically manifested neurological disorders attending the Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences (HIMS) hospital. METHODS Spanning a period of 18 months, serum samples of consecutively selected patients were(More)
Introduction. Non Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) presenting with obstructive jaundice is a rare occurrence. Because of rarity of combination, it is seldom considered in differential diagnosis of patients presenting with obstructive jaundice. It is considered treatable due to the chemosensitive nature of the disease and the recent advances in chemotherapy. Case(More)
BACKGROUND Cachexia is a highly prevalent syndrome in cancer and chronic diseases. However, due to the heterogeneous features of cancer cachexia, its identification and classification challenge clinical practitioners. OBJECTIVE To determine the clinical relevance of a cancer cachexia classification system in advanced cancer patients. DESIGN Beginning(More)
During a routine cadaver dissection, we have encountered an anomalous formation of inferior vena cava and abnormal channels communicating the two internal iliac veins with the inferior vena cava in a 67 year old male cadaver. The said channels which had a caliber of 5 mm on the left side and 15 mm on the right arose at a distance of 26 mm on the left and 35(More)