Sarah Kennedy

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The international community continues to define common strategic themes of actions to improve global partnership and international collaborations in order to protect our populations. The International Health Regulations (IHR[2005]) offer one of these strategic themes whereby World Health Organization (WHO) Member States and global partners engaged in(More)
INTRODUCTION Physical inactivity has been described as a global pandemic. Interventions aimed at developing skills in lifelong physical activities may provide the foundation for an active lifestyle into adulthood. In general, school-based physical activity interventions targeting adolescents have produced modest results and few have been designed to be(More)
—On the two hundredth anniversary of the Kildo-nan clearances, when people were forcibly removed from their homes, the Timespan Heritage centre has created a program of community centred work aimed at challenging pre conceptions and encouraging reflection on this important historical process. This paper explores the innovative ways in which virtual world(More)
UNLABELLED BACKGROUND/STUDY CONTEXT: The current study examined the relationship between intellectual control and cognition and related the results to everyday problem solving in a mixed ethnicity sample of 35% African American and 65% Caucasian elders. METHODS Participants completed the Personality in Intellectual Aging Contexts Inventory (PIC; Lachman(More)
Four physiology courses participating in a science education program used concept maps for the first time. At the conclusion of the term, students responded to an end-of-term survey about the activity. Following varied results, we sought to identify factors that students indicated are important for the acceptance of the technique. To encourage high student(More)
  • Keri Vacanti Brondo, Linda Bennett, Harmony Farner, Cindy Martin, Andrew Mrkva, Annie Claus +11 others
  • 2009
Background: The Committee on the Status of Women in Anthropology (COSWA) is committed to equal opportunity for anthropologists in all work settings. Recognizing that a significant number of anthropology PhDs and nearly all alumni from master's programs are employed in positions other than as full-time university and college professors, in 2004 COSWA(More)
A survival-promoting peptide has been purified from medium conditioned by Y79 human retinoblastoma cells and a mouse hippocampal cell line (HN 33.1) exposed to H 2 O 2. A 30 residue synthetic peptide was made on the basis of N-terminal sequences obtained during purification, and it was found to exhibit gel mobility and staining properties similar to the(More)
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