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Mastitis remains the most frequent cause of antibacterial use on dairy farms and contributes to a substantial portion of total drug and veterinary costs incurred by the dairy industry. Ultimately, the best outcome of mastitis therapy is a positive effect on the amount of marketed milk harvested and long-term survival of the cow. This article describes the(More)
BACKGROUND Different genotypic HIV resistance algorithms are based on different rules. They may therefore result in different drug-resistance interpretations for the same patient sample. In particular, for early periods of new retroviral inhibitors or classes, sequence interpretation is expected to vary. One would, however, assume that those differences(More)
The current study examined 3- and 7-year-olds' performance on two types of episodic foresight tasks: A task that required 'cool' reasoning processes about the use of objects in future situations and a task that required 'hot' processes to inhibit a salient current physiological state in order to reason accurately about a future state. Results revealed that(More)
INTRODUCTION HIV-infected individuals on first-line antiretroviral therapy (ART) in resource-limited settings who do not achieve the last "90" (viral suppression) enter a complex care cascade: enhanced adherence counselling (EAC), repetition of viral load (VL) and switch to second-line ART aiming to achieve resuppression. This study describes the "failure(More)
Quantifying the relationship between form and function can inform use of morphology as a surrogate for ecology. How the strength of this relationship varies continentally can inform understanding of evolutionary radiations; for example, does the relationship break down when certain lineages invade and diversify in novel habitats? The 75 species of(More)
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