Sarah K. Spurgeon

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This paper considers the application of a particular sliding mode observer to the problem of fault detection and isolation. The novelty lies in the application of the equivalent output injection concept to explicitly reconstruct fault signals. Previous work in the area of fault detection using sliding mode observers has used disruption of the sliding motion(More)
This paper presents a novel approach to the problem of discrete time output feedback sliding mode control design, where the system to be controlled is non-minimum phase. The method described in this paper applies to uncertain (square) systems with matched uncertainties. A connection between previously established output feedback min-max controllers and(More)
This note considers a sliding-mode controller which requires only output information and is static in nature. The novelty of the approach is in the rationale and method used to synthesize the linear control component which involves an linear matrix inequality optimization. The so-called reachability condition used in sliding-mode controller analysis is not(More)
It is well known that for linear, uncertain systems, a static output feedback sliding mode controller can only be determined if a particular triple associated with the reduced order dynamics in the sliding mode is stabilisable. This paper shows that the static output feedback sliding mode control design problem can be solved for a broader class of systems(More)
A higher order sliding mode observer is proposed for asymptotic identification of the full state vector and the vector of unknown inputs for MIMO nonlinear causal systems with unstable internal dynamics. The problem is addressed via consistent application of exact higher order sliding mode (HOSM) differentiators in conjunction with the method of stable(More)