Sarah K. Schellinger

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This article honours Adele Miccio's life work by reflecting on the utility of phonetic transcription. The first section reviews the literature on cases where children whose speech appears to neutralize a contrast in the adult language are found on closer examination to produce a contrast (covert contrast). This study presents evidence from a new series of(More)
Past studies have shown incontrovertible evidence for the existence of covert contrasts in children's speech, i.e. differences between target productions that are nonetheless transcribed with the same phonetic symbol. Moreover, there is evidence that these are relevant to forming prognoses and tracking progress in children with speech sound disorder. A(More)
Purpose: This paper examined whether naïve listeners could perceive phonetic detail in children's productions of /s/ and /T/, and whether their perception of /s/ and /θ/ could be biased by their belief about the child's overall speech-production ability. Method: In Experiment 1, listeners provided judgments of children's productions of /s/ and /T/ using a(More)
Previous research has shown that continuous rating scales can be used to assess phonetic detail in children's productions, and could potentially be used to detect covert contrasts. Two experiments examined whether continuous rating scales have the additional benefit of being less susceptible to task-related biasing than categorical phonetic transcriptions.(More)
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