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A key issue in cancer biology is whether oncogenic transformation of different cell types of origin within an adult tissue gives rise to distinct tumor subtypes that differ in their prognosis and/or treatment response. We now show that initiation of prostate tumors in basal or luminal epithelial cells in mouse models results in tumors with distinct(More)
A mutation in the voltage-gated sodium-channel Scn2a results in moderate epilepsy in transgenic Scn2a(Q54) mice maintained on a C57BL/6J strain background. The onset of progressive epilepsy begins in adults with short-duration partial seizures that originate in the hippocampus. The underlying abnormality is an increase in persistent sodium current in(More)
Mutations in the voltage-gated sodium channels SCN 1 A and SCN 2 A are responsible for several types of human epilepsy. Variable expressivity among family members is a common feature of these inherited epilepsies, suggesting that genetic modifiers may influence the clinical manifestation of epilepsy. The transgenic mouse model Scn 2 a(Q 54) has an epilepsy(More)
The intrinsic ability to exhibit self-organizing morphogenetic properties in ex vivo culture may represent a general property of tissue stem cells. Here we show that single luminal stem/progenitor cells can generate prostate organoids in a three-dimensional culture system in the absence of stroma. Organoids generated from CARNs (castration-resistant(More)
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