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principle of multiple use management of the Nation's forest resources for sustained yields of wood, water, forage, wildlife, and recreation. Through forestry research, cooperation with the States and private forest owners, and management of the national forests and national grasslands, it strives—as directed by Congress—to provide increasingly greater(More)
For two decades, the US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, has been charged with implementing a nationwide field-based forest health monitoring effort. Given its extensive nature, the monitoring program has been gradually implemented across forest health indicators and inventoried states. Currently, the Forest Service's Forest Inventory and Analysis(More)
PROJECT OBJECTIVES: Our main objective is to document lichen species growth and mortality in response to simulated climate change. This project is high value at low cost because it utilizes the high-tech infrastructure provided by Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the USFS Northern Research Station and Marcell Experimental Forest for application of(More)
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