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Decomposition of an interference pattern enables examination of individual electromyography (EMG) motor units and their firing rates at more than minimal contraction forces. In this decomposition method, significant events with a constant occurrence (near motor unit action potentials) can be enhanced, and unwanted events (distant motor unit action(More)
BACKGROUND In this exploratory research, we use panel data analysis to examine the correlation between Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) and public health delivery at the country level. OBJECTIVE The goal of this exploratory research is to examine the strategic association over time between ICTs and country-level public health. METHODS(More)
In this paper, symmetric and asymmetric tapering on the arms of the gammadion nanostructure is proposed to enhance both local field distribution and extinction difference (ED). The asymmetric tapered gammadion with tapering fraction (TF) of 0.67 is seen to have the largest ED and spatial local field distribution, producing a large wavelength shift of more(More)
Reverse logistics (RL) practices represent an important and emerging trend in China's manufacturing practices. An increasing number of Chinese manufacturers have integrated RL practices in their operations to develop sustainable competitive advantage. There are six broad aspects of practicing RL which include waste management, recycling, reuse,(More)
We investigate the strategic association between information and communication technologies (ICTs) and sustainability using empirical data. Our hypothesis is that ICTs can promote a country's sustainability. In our framework we include the ICT factors of access, quality, affordability, applications, and institutional efficiency & sustainability.(More)