Sarah Jeffrey

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Three species of microalgae commonly used in mariculture —Isochrysis sp. (clone T.ISO) Parke,Pavlova lutheri (Droop) Green andNannochloropsis oculata (Droop) Green — were grown in batch and semicontinuous modes to compare their biochemical composition and production rates. In batch mode, logarithmic-phase cultures of all species had high levels of protein(More)
The envelope of the spinach chloroplast is a yellow membrane system with a unique carotenoid composition. Envelopes prepared from dark-treated leaves had a violaxanthin content up to 3.5 times the lutein plus zeaxanthin content, whereas in chloroplast envelopes from illuminated leaves this ratio was only 0.75. Light-catalyzed changes in violaxanthin content(More)
The amino acid and gross compositions of three benthic diatoms (Cylindrotheca fusiformis Reimann and Lewin, Navicula jeffreyi Hallegraeff et Burford and Nitzschia closterium (Ehr. W. Smith) and three chain-forming diatoms (Lauderia annulata Cleve, Skeletonema costatum (Greville) Cleve and a tropical Skeletonema sp. (CS-252)), were determined during(More)
CD4+ CD25+ regulatory T cells (Tregs) strongly influence the early and late autoimmune responses to meiotic germ cell antigens (MGCA) and the gonadal immunopathology in vasectomized mice. This is supported by the published and recently acquired information presented here. Within 24h of unilateral vasectomy (uni-vx) the ipsilateral epididymis undergoes(More)