Sarah J Winters

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The authors describe the abnormalities of gonadal function developing in a patient with prostate cancer who had received estrogen therapy continuously for 6 years. The pretreatment prostate biopsy showed well developed acini consistent with normal androgenization and adenocarcinoma. Twelve years later, 6 years after discontinuation of estrogen treatment,(More)
OBJECTIVE The present study was designed to explore further the mechanism for the decline in androgen production as men age by studying the influence of ageing on testosterone negative feedback control of gonadotrophin secretion. DESIGN Circulating testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, oestradiol, SHBG and LH concentrations were measured during long-term(More)
When a patient with mitral valve prolapse was found to have myotonic dystrophy, his family was studied to ascertain the occurrence of these abnormalities. Of 25 relatives screened, 8 had evidence of both myotonic dystrophy and mitral valve prolapse and 2 had evidence of myotonic dystrophy alone. Thirteen patients had evidence of neither condition and 1 had(More)
OBJECTIVE This study evaluated maternal serum inhibin concentration and molecular distribution in normal and abnormal pregnancies. STUDY DESIGN Serum inhibin levels were measured by radioimmunoassay in 33 abnormal pregnancies (23 singleton and 10 multiple gestations) and 33 matched controls and were compared with pregnancy variables. RESULTS In the(More)
This study summarizes and compares estimates of radiation absorbed dose to the thyroid gland for typical patients who underwent diagnostic radiology examinations in the years from 1930 to 2010. The authors estimated the thyroid dose for common examinations, including radiography, mammography, dental radiography, fluoroscopy, nuclear medicine, and computed(More)
The pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of a single sc injection of Antide on testosterone (T) and inhibin secretion in intact male cynomolgus monkeys were examined. Fifteen primates were randomized to three groups receiving: propylene glycol and water vehicle, 3 mg/kg Antide, and 10 mg/kg of Antide. Antide at the 10 mg/kg dose caused long-term(More)
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