Sarah J. Swierenga

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Compared to the online interaction behavior of other users, little is known about the difficulties dyslexic Web users encounter online. This paper reviews existing literature at the intersection of dyslexia and accessibility research to determine what useful knowledge exists regarding this important and relatively large group of users. This review uncovers(More)
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The Michigan Workforce Background Check system demonstrates how an iterative user-centered design (UCD) process enhances organizationallevel communication practices and efficiency. Well-designed information communication technology is an essential component of effective public health management. Usability and accessibility testing informed subsequent design(More)
BACKGROUND For some stroke patients and caregivers, navigating the transition between hospital discharge and returning home is associated with substantial psychosocial and health-related challenges. Currently, no evidence-based standard of care exists that addresses the concerns of stroke patients and caregivers during the transition period. Objectives of(More)