Sarah J. Haig

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OBJECTIVES Exploring associations between the gut microbiota and colonic inflammation and assessing sequential changes during exclusive enteral nutrition (EEN) may offer clues into the microbial origins of Crohn's disease (CD). METHODS Fecal samples (n=117) were collected from 23 CD and 21 healthy children. From CD children fecal samples were collected(More)
A study was undertaken to compare the virulence and serum killing resistance properties of Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout Yersinia ruckeri isolates. Five isolates, covering heat-stable O-antigen O1, O2 and O5 serotypes, were tested for virulence towards fry and juveniles of both species by experimental bath challenge. The sensitivity of 15 diverse(More)
BACKGROUND Antimicrobials are used to directly control bacterial infections in pet (ornamental) fish and are routinely added to the water these fish are shipped in to suppress the growth of potential pathogens during transport. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS To assess the potential effects of this sustained selection pressure, 127 Aeromonas spp. isolated(More)
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